VMOs secure historic first certified agreement

Queensland Health Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) now have their first ever certified agreement in place, and so enjoy similar protections to their employment conditions as SMOs and RMOs. 

Until now, VMOs have held individual contracts with Queensland Health, leaving them particularly vulnerable to political change such as the doctors’ contract crisis in 2014-15.

The Visiting Medical Officers’ (Queensland Health) Certified Agreement (No 1) 2023 (VMO1) will ensure VMOs are receive annual wage increases (back paid to 1 July 2023) as well as access to Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), a VMO consultative forum, meal breaks, rest pauses and digital recall.

ASMOFQ consulted with VMO members prior to commencing formal negotiations with Queensland Health last year. 

ASMOFQ President Dr Hau Tan said VMOs could savour this momentous achievement, now the agreement has been certified in March 2024. 

“It’s a great outcome for our VMOs, who receive signficant improvements to their working conditions that they have not had before,” said Dr Tan. 

“Previously VMOs were on individual contracts that have not been re-negotiated, and their renumeration and working conditions have been stagnant for a number of years, leaving them at a disadvantage compared to other doctors working for Queensland Health.

“The VMO1 will be renegotiated every three years and ASMOFQ will continue to fight for wage increases, improved working conditions and better protections on behalf of VMOs.”

This new certified agreement will operate until 30 June 2026 and VMOs will continue to have access to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to resolve disputes.

To find out more about VMO1, please email ASMOFQ at

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