Professional development

Tools and advice to plan your career and self-manage your CPD.

Careers Advisory Service

The AMA Career Service has been developed to provide you with advice, support and guidance to enable you to plan your medical career with confidence.

The AMA Career Service is for high school and college students, medical students, new medical graduates, pre-vocational and vocational trainees, qualified practitioners and international medical students and graduates.


How the AMA Career Services can help you?

Becoming a doctor: 

For school students and graduates.
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Studying medicine: 

Advice for medical students enrolled in either an undergraduate or postgraduate medical degree in Australia.
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Doctors in training and career advancement: 

General career advice, specialist training pathways, contact details for specialist colleges; tools for applications, resume building and preparation for interviews; professional standards and ethics, bullying and harassment.
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International medical students and graduates: 

International medical students studying in Australia and graduates from overseas universities wishing to practise medicine in Australia, this page is for you.
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Career coaching: 

As the competition for medical training positions heats up, proactively managing, planning and reviewing your career is now more than ever, a critical component of helping you secure that much coveted job.
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Preparing for independent medical practice: 

This page has useful tips and recommendations on medical, business and training considerations to prepare you for independent practice.
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Medical employment opportunities and the Jobs Board: 

This new resource links you to employers and employment agencies specialising in medical placements.
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Continuing professional development: 

CME and/or CPD is a fact of life for all doctors (specialist or in training); CPD Home learning allows you to manage you CPD and learn online.
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AMA resources for Hub users: 

The AMA, as the only independent organisation for the whole of the medical profession, has views on the many facets of medical practice, public health, global health issues and the following are links you might find useful in understanding what the AMA stands for.
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Looking after yourself and your finances: 

Doctors in training might like this: topics to think about when considering your wealth-building strategy or the future; how to look after yourself in a busy, high pressure profession; insurance and risk management and where to get help when the going gets tough.
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Global health employment opportunities: 

Information for those wanting to work abroad for whatever reason - advance your career, gain experience, teach, research or contribute to humanitarian organisations' work.
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Real life advice: 

Listen to the wise words of experienced medical specialists.
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