AMACDT Policy Advisory Committee: Year in review

The AMACDT Policy Advisory Committee (CPAC) has had a productive year since its establishment in October 2020 with 15 Members (including CDT Chair, Deputies and Secretariat).

We have established a Google Drive ( and the Policy Review Proposal Process (PRP) – 1 page summary of proposed changes to be approved by CDT prior to any rewriting.

We have discussed our shared vision:

  • A diverse group of DITs to contribute to policy discourse (with additional DITs with experience relevant to the topic of discussion).
  • Timely processes which allow for robust discussion
  • Synthesis of discussion points
  • Clear measures to evaluate the impact of the policy prior to distribution
  • Aligning with the intention set by the CDT

Our On Call Team has been asked to respond to approximately 20 policies or strategy documents since Oct 2020. We completed the development of our policy guide: How to write or review policy: A guide to policy development for AMACDT, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Advisory Committees (ACs) members. Our initial goal was to review 6 policies, and we have looked in depth at around 8 (two of them prior to the PRP establishment). Some of these we have decided are better suited for next year due to various strategic plans being rolled out. Six PRPs were proposed to CDT and four were approved. Some of the Key Policies from this year include:

  • Medical parents and prevocational and vocational training - 2020
  • Prevocational medical education and training - 2020
  • Workplace Facilities and Accommodation for Hospital Doctors - 2021
  • National Intern Allocation Process - 2021

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