AMA Submission on on Australia's Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan 2022-2032 Consultation Draft

The AMA in its response to the Consultation Draft - Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan broadly supports the proposed actions which echo AMA advocacy for funding reform that would see general practice better supported to care for patients and the community.

The proposed reforms provide a framework for delivering:

  • longitudinal care,
  • integrated and well-coordinated patient care through GP-led multidisciplinary health care teams,
  • data-driven quality care initiatives to improve patient outcomes,
  • greater use of technology to enhance patient access to care and their engagement, and
  • a well-distributed and satisfied workforce.

The AMA in its response has also highlighted:

  • the need for fit for purpose clinical software and digital platforms;
  • support for linking telehealth, health assessments and chronic disease management items to care provided by the patient's nominated GP;
  • the need for PIPs and SIPs to support the implementation and use of digital technologies
  • the potential unintended consequences of outcome measures and the need to guard against these; and
  • that extra support is required for the Workforce Incentive Program as part of efforts to build multidisciplinary teams in general practice.  
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