AMA members invited to contribute to World Alzheimer Report

Alzheimer’s Disease International is seeking to record the experiences of carers, clinicians and people living with dementia from across the globe as part of the 2022 World Alzheimer Report. AMA members are invited to complete a survey. 

The World Alzheimer Report 2022 will focus on post diagnosis support for people living with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) is currently conducting a survey of healthcare professionals, people living with dementia and their carers to inform the World Alzheimer Report 2022. 

The aim of the rreport is to shed light on the experience of post-diagnostic care around the world and the experiences of health professionals providing diagnosis and post diagnostic care to people living with dementia. ADI says the valuable information gathered will help shape future post-diagnosis support models around the world.

Medical professionals are invited to complete a 10-minute online survey that can be accessed here. There are also surveys for carers, people living with dementia and health and long-term care practitioners.

“The importance of post-diagnosis support cannot be underestimated. It is vital that we capture the lived experience of people living with dementia and carers, alongside the experiences of healthcare practitioners, long-term care practitioners and clinicians in these surveys,” ADI Deputy CEO, Chris Lynch said.

The survey will be open until 6 June 2022.  More information can be found here.

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