ATAGI statement on the administration of influenza vaccines in 2021

11 Mar 2021

The ATAGI 2021 Influenza Statement on the administration of seasonal influenza vaccines is now available.  

Overview of key points and updates for 2021: 

  • Annual influenza vaccination is recommended for all people ≥6 months of age. It is the most important measure to prevent influenza and its complications. 

  • Influenza vaccinations must be recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). 

  • Co-administration of influenza vaccine on the same day as a COVID-19 vaccine is not recommended. 

  • Administration of an influenza vaccine and a COVID-19 vaccine should be a minimum of 14 days apart. 

  • A new cell-based influenza vaccine (Flucelvax Quad®) is available but not funded under the National Immunisation Program (NIP). 

  • For adults aged ≥65 years, the adjuvanted influenza vaccine, Fluad® Quad, is preferentially recommended over standard influenza vaccine.  

Read the Influenza Statement here.