AMA successfully lobbies against linking My Health Record uploads to claiming Medicare Benefits

The AMA has successfully lobbied against a proposal by the Department of Health for My Health Record pathology uploads to be a requirement to claim Medicare benefits.  

The AMA argued that rebates exist to support patients to access medical services. While the AMA is keen to see more patient information being uploaded, funding to incentivise information upload should be prioritised.  

AMA members raised concerns around ongoing issues with My Health Record use and interoperability, and the consumer-controlled nature of My Health Record content making it a potentially incomplete information source.  

After receiving feedback from the AMA, the Australian Government agreed not to pursue this proposal.  

The AMA also supported patients being able to immediately access COVID-19 test results via the My Health Record, recognising that there are matters specific to COVID-19 that would justify immediate access, including support provided by Public Health Units for those patients with positive results, and the need for early access to test results to assure safe travel. However, the seven day rule for other diagnostic tests should remain due to the importance of medical interpretation and clinical explanation to patients of the outcome of their test results.  

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