AMA’s new position statement on LGBTQIA+ health

AMA has released a position statement calling for an end to discrimination against people who are LGBTQIA+ in the healthcare system, including patients and health care workers. 

AMA President, Dr Omar Khorshid, said the position statement included a call for all state and territory governments to ban coercive ‘conversion’ practices.

The position statement includes recommendations to the federal government to:

  • support mainstream health services to increase cultural safety for people who are LGBTQIA+
  • fund high-quality research on the health outcomes and experiences of people who are LGBTQIA+
  • enhance access to beneficial gender-affirming treatment
  • add sensitive, evidence-based questions on gender, sexual orientation, and intersex variations to the Australian Census.

Dr Khorshid added, “As doctors it’s important we educate ourselves about how best to serve LGBTQIA+ patients and make our workplaces more inclusive for LGBTQIA+ colleagues working in the medical and health professions”.

The full position statement is available here.

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