Reporting Adverse Events needs streamlining

28 Oct 2021

The AMA recently attended a TGA workshop to explore how GPs could be better supported to report medicine and immunisation adverse events.

The reporting of adverse events contributes greatly to the safety of available medications and GPs can play a vital role in this.

Discussion focussed on how to improve the rate of adverse event reports by making reporting easier and reducing current barriers. Options such as reporting prompts, pre-population of required data, embedding adverse event reporting into GP clinical software systems and consolidating existing pathways, where appropriate, were considered. Advice to the TGA was that they need to be looking at how the time, effort and administrative steps involved in submitting a report could be reduced.

GPs who suspect a medication or vaccine has caused any adverse reaction or event should report it as it helps build the safety profile of that medication or vaccine. Reports can be made online at Alternatively, two of the main software systems for General Practice have the facility for downloading and installing templates for creating an Adverse Drug Reaction report, which currently can then be emailed, faxed or posted to the TGA. More information is available on Reporting adverse events.