Climate Change and Sustainability: Leadership and Action from Australian Doctors – webinar 14th September

9 Sep 2021

The Australian Medical Association and Doctors for the Environment Australia invite members and other interested health professionals to join us for a two-hour webinar to showcase climate change and sustainability leadership and action in the health sector on 14th September, from 6.30-8.30pm AEST.  

Hear from Professor Mark Howden, Dr Nick Watts, and Dr Eugenie Kayak on the climate crisis and how it’s impacting the health system, followed by short presentations by 12 of Australia’s specialist medical colleges. College representatives will speak on their work on climate change and health, and particular concerns and impacts within their specialty.   The webinar will be moderated by Dr Omar Khorshid (AMA President), Dr John Van De Kallen (DEA Chair) and Dr Kate Charlesworth (AMA and DEA member).  

Register for the webinar here.