Webinar for GPs: Smoking cessation – practice considerations after 1 October

2 Sep 2021

GPs are invited to attend a free webinar that will outline upcoming legal and regulatory changes to nicotine and considerations for prescribers. 

An overview of the legal and regulatory framework for prescribing nicotine vaping products in Australia after 1 October will be provided. The evidence on nicotine vaping products and their place in treatment for smoking cessation care will be summarised, as will key clinical practice considerations for prescribing nicotine vaping products 

When: Wednesday 8th September 2021 6:30pm-7:30pm 

Presenters include:  

  • Prof John Skerritt, Deputy Secretary, Health Products Regulation Group 

  • Prof Nick Zwar, Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University, Queensland, and Chair, Expert Advisory Group, RACGP Smoking cessation guidelines 

Topics for discussion include: 

Legal and regulatory framework for NVPs in Australia 

  • TGA rescheduling decision for nicotine- overview and rationale 
  • Prescribing pathways for nicotine vaping products 

Nicotine vaping products 

  • Overview of efficacy and safety evidence for nicotine vaping products 
  • Role of NVPs in smoking cessation  
  • Considerations for prescribers 

Register here.  

Note: This event is open only to health professionals registered to practice in Australia. Employees and representatives of companies that manufacture, distribute or sell nicotine vaping or tobacco products are not permitted to register. Representatives of companies which provide strategic, PR, legal or any other professional services to any company that manufactures, distributes or sells nicotine vaping or tobacco products are also not permitted to register.