Update ATAGI advice on administering seasonal influenza vaccine

24 Jun 2021

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) published an updated version of the administration of 2021 seasonal influenza vaccines advice. The new advice incorporates the latest ATAGI agreed recommendations on the relative timing of administering influenza vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines in 2021. 

Key changes 

The preferred minimum interval between influenza vaccine and a dose of COVID-19 vaccine is 7 days (previously 14 days). A shorter interval (including co-administration) is acceptable in the following settings: 

  1. Increased risk of COVID-19 or another vaccine-preventable disease (e.g., COVID-19 outbreak, influenza outbreak, tetanus-prone wound) 
  2. Logistical issues, e.g., difficulty scheduling visits to maintain the 7-day interval 

Influenza vaccine can be given before or after any dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, with a minimum interval of 7 days. An influenza vaccine can be given in between their two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.  

When scheduling influenza and COVID-19 vaccines, providers should prioritise COVID-19 vaccines for patients who are eligible to receive the vaccine now, then they can schedule the influenza vaccination.  

For more information, see: 

Vaccination providers are also reminded that it is now mandatory to report all influenza vaccinations to the Australian Immunisation Register (in effect since 1 March 2021).