AMA’s free CPD Tracker for Australian Doctors is now available

17 Jun 2021

The AMA’s free CPD Tracker is now available on Topbar, the clinical decision support platform, and supports Australian doctors including specialist GPs to self-manage their continuing professional development (CPD) compliance.   

The AMA CPD Tracker App, available to over 4,800 general practices and Aboriginal medical services, complies with medical CPD requirements monitored by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and is matched to new legislation, effective from 16th June 2021. 

With legislation changes streamlining GPs access to Medicare, coming into effect from 16 June 2021, GPs access to Medicare will no longer be linked to RACGP or ACRRM membership. Medicare eligibility for all doctors will be automatically linked to registration status and not subject to whether they continue to be recognised as a Fellow of the college. This removes a process that treated GP recognition for Medicare differently to non-GP specialties.  

This will provide GPs with the same freedoms enjoyed by other specialties when it comes to meeting CPD obligations. Once a GP who has obtained Fellowship is registered in the specialty of general practice, that specialty status will continue to be recognised, so long as the practitioner continues to meet the requirements for registration, including the Medical Board of Australia’s CPD requirements. GPs, like other specialists, will now be able to take control and self-direct their CPD in line with the CPD requirements set by the relevant college.  

The CPD Tracker App provides a personalised, trusted, and accessible digital platform for doctors and medical students, enabling subscribers to take control of their CPD obligations at the click of a button.  

For more information or to sign up to the CPD Tracker App, please visit: 

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