Online PBS Authorities system

15 Apr 2021

The Online PBS Authorities system has been available for a while now via Services Australia Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) portal. The Online PBS Authorities system enables you to submit your authority request online, including requests for increased quantities and repeats where allowed. The system will automatically assess the authority request based on your answers to patient eligibility questions, providing you an immediate assessment result. Where approved you will receive an approval number. If rejected, you will be provided with the reason why.  

So far, over 6000 prescribers have taken up the Online PBS Authorities system and in March 2021, over 54,000 authority requests were completed by prescribers online. Feedback from prescribers acknowledges the clunky interface. A more streamlined alternative is to have the Online PBS Authorities system integrated into your clinical prescribing software. This means instead of having to log into Services Australia HPOS portal, then to PBS Authorities, your clinical prescribing software will link directly via a web service call to the PBS Authorities system for an instant authority assessment.  

There are several benefits to having an integrated PBS Authorities system. It avoids the PBS Authorities telephone call, removes wait times and reduces phone costs. It reduces the need for double keying of data into multiple systems. More importantly, integration aims to create a more seamless digital experience for you, to complement eprescribing so you can focus on patient care. To achieve this, Services Australia is dependent on the medical software industry. Some software providers already provide this integrated access. If your clinical prescribing software is not currently integrated to the PBS Authorities system, contact your software provider for information on when it will be.  

How do you access the Online PBS Authorities system? 

You will need to use your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account as the security to access government online services. If you don’t have an account yet you can register.  

Access the Online PBS Authorities system through HPOS or through your upgraded clinical prescribing software. 

Contact: to find out how Services Australia can support you in using the Online PBS Authorities system.  

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