1 Apr 2021

The AMA Federal Council at its 27 March 2021 meeting approved a set of 10 Minimum Standards for Telemedicine to support the integration of telemedicine into medical practice.  

The minimum standards take a broad approach and align with established principles for the safe use and delivery of telemedicine services as outlined in the AMA Position Statement: Technology-based patient consultations - 2013.  

The standards cover an array of technological solutions that could be utilised in complementing the provision of patient medical care, and framed under the term “telemedicine”, as well as their use and adoption into medical practice.  

These standards will add to the AMA’s existing suite of 10 Minimum Standards for Communication between Health Services and General Practitioners and Other Treating DoctorsMedical Forms and Prescribing. These standards are a statement of the minimum prerequisites the AMA would like to see in place for these matters.  

Read the AMA’s 10 Minimum Standards for Telemedicine here.