PIP QI model Data Sharing Agreement is now available

13 Feb 2020

On the advice of the PIP Advisory Group (PIPAG), of which the AMA is a member, the Department of Health has developed a model Data Sharing Agreement for the PIP Eligible Data Set. While most general practices already have a data sharing agreement in place, this document will serve as reference document for those PHNs and general practices still to finalise an agreement as part of the PIP Quality Improvement (QI) Incentive.

Use of the model agreement is not compulsory. General practices and PHNs that are satisfied that their existing data sharing agreements address the requirements of PIP QI may continue to use the existing agreements.

While the document does not constitute legal advice, it should be considered, and if required and appropriate, adapted to suit the particular arrangements and needs of each participating entity. General Practices and PHNs are advised to seek independent legal advice before relying on, or amending the Deed. Participating entities are responsible for satisfying themselves as to the suitability or appropriateness of this document for their particular circumstances and to check the accuracy or completeness of this document.

The model Agreement has been made available to Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and stakeholder organisations.

In developing the model agreement, the AMA has worked extensively with the Department to ensure that the document is robust, fair and acceptable for use.  

The AMA will remain involved in the ongoing development and progression of PIP QI.

Any questions about the agreement should be directed to the Department via email to PIPadvisorygroup@health.gov.au.