Department of Veterans’ Affairs provider news – resources for GPs

24 Sep 2020

Mental health GP Assistance Line  

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has partnered with Phoenix Australia, Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health to deliver a new Practitioner Support Service—Mental health GP Assistance Line 

For clinicians working with veterans, demonstrating an understanding of the military experience can enhance the therapeutic alliance and the delivery of effective treatment. Veterans are more likely to engage with health care practitioners they feel understand, or seek to understand, their mental health problems within the context of their military service. 

The Veteran Mental Health GP Assistance Hotline provides access to free consultations with veteran mental health experts, including Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology consultations. 

The Hotline can be accessed by calling 1800 VET777 or through the Phoenix Australia website which also provides links to best practice and professional development resources. 

Non-nutritional thickened fluid products for DVA clients 

An article from 2019 has been retitled to Non-nutritional thickened fluid products are available through DVA’s Rehabilitation Appliances Programand the content amended to provide greater clarity for prescribers to ensure the most up to date form is used. The article outlines how DVA clients with swallowing difficulties can access non-nutritional thickened fluid products through the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) Schedule.