AMA COVIDSafe practice guide now available

3 Sep 2020

The AMA has developed COVIDSafe practice guide to assist doctors, medical practices, and their staff to have COVIDSafe medical practices.  

COVIDSafe medical practice is one that minimises the risk of transmission through sensible precautions and rapid responses to possible or confirmed cases. This advice does not define a standard of practice, nor should it be interpreted as legal advice.  

This practice guide contains advice about maintaining physical distancing in your practice, cleaning and hygieneincluding the appropriate use of PPEwhat to do if someone in your practice team is a close contact or develops COVID-19, and additional information and resources for practices to stay COVIDSafe 

The AMA is aware that each State and Territory also has additional requirements for COVIDSafe businesses, so it is vital that you check your jurisdictional policies for any extra precautions or changing requirements, in addition to this guide. 

Download the AMA COVIDSafe practice guide here