Inclusion of Practice Nurse Option for NDSS Registration and Product Access Forms  

30 Jul 2020

The Department of Health is currently undertaking a project to deliver updated IT systems and business processes to support the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) and, where possible, reduce administration overhead.  

Following consultation with General Practice clinics and stakeholder groups—including the AMA—a policy and business process change will be implemented to allow Practice Nurses (enrolled and registered nurses) to complete the certifier section of relevant NDSS registration and access forms following written confirmation of the diabetes diagnosis from the General Practitioner (GP)/medical practitioner.  

This reflects the Department’s understanding that, following a diagnosis of diabetes by a GP/medical practitioner, current business process in many GP clinics involves the Practice Nurse completing the certifier section of the NDSS registration form, with the GP subsequently signing to certify the form. As such, this change would reflect and simplify current business processes.  

Effective from 1 August 2020, Practice Nurses will have the option to complete the certifier section of the following NDSS forms:  

  • NDSS Registration form; 
  • Blood Glucose Test Strip (BGTS) Six Month Approval form; and  
  • Medication Change form.  

To certify these forms, Practice Nurses will be required to:  

  • complete the ‘Certifier’ section of the relevant NDSS form, which includes the provision of their AHPRA registration number; 
  • provide the diabetes diagnosis and medication details for the patient (Registrant) as specified by the GP / medical practitioner; and  
  • sign the form to confirm that they have sighted written documentation relating to the diagnosis for the NDSS Registration form, or sign to confirm that there is a clinical need to access the relevant products for the BGTS Six Month Approval and Medication Change forms.  

Adopting this business process would remain optional for each GP or medical practitioner/clinic, and a Practice Nurse would not be required to certify a form unless it was within their scope of practice, knowledge and experience to do so.  

Further information and updated NDSS forms reflecting this change are available from the NDSS here.