Measles in Returned Travellers - advice for GPs

14 Nov 2013

The Department of Health advises there have been 112 people notified with measles so far this year in Australia. Since October 2013, there have been 27 measles cases in Australians, including 11 secondary cases, associated with travel to Indonesia, and more specifically Bali. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of Australians who travel to Bali throughout the year, a number of teenagers and young adults are expected to travel to Bali for "Schoolies" celebrations occurring from mid-November to mid-December 2013.

GPs can support efforts to prevent measles by advising measles vaccination prior to travel if indicated, and being aware of the symptoms, appropriate laboratory investigations and notification requirements for suspected cases of measles.

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Image by Dave Haygarth on Flickr, used under Creative Commons licence