Update to the AMA Fees List

12 Nov 2020

AMA Members are advised that the Fees List 1 November 2020 indexed preview files are now available for access and/or download into your business or practice software.  

This replaces the 1 November 2019 edition and any subsequent updates. The indexed fees will come into effect and will be published to the AMA Fees List website on 1 November 2020.  

The 1 November 2020 edition of the Fees List includes the annual fees indexation and MBS changes up to, and including, 1 August 2020.  

Members are reminded to review the AMA Fees List Terms of Use.  

Registered medical practitioners who are AMA members or have purchased a Licence may authorise their practice managers and other administrative staff who work in their practice to use the AMA Fees List on the doctor’s behalf. If staff work for more than one doctor, each doctor needs their own Licence.  

For more details and additional resources, visit the AMA Fees List website