What’s in this week’s edition of Medical Journal of Australia?

5 Feb 2015

The 2 February edition of Medical Journal of Australia begins with a discussion by Stephen Leeder on what’s ahead for economics and health in 2015. Other pertinent articles include:

  • how the Sydney siege highlights the vital role that GPs play in recognising those whose distress requires further assessment and treatment;
  • Dr David Penington writes in Perspectives that the use of cannabis for medical purposes should be decided by an informed discussion between doctor and patient, rather than relying on results of upcoming clinical trials in New South Wales; and
  • Dr Paul Gardiner and colleagues examine the role GPs can play in protecting their elderly patients from financial trauma by assessing them for financial capacity using a range of tools. 

Other topics include patient safety in primary care, co-payments and the evidence-base paradox, treatment for gender dysphoria in children, and the anticholinergic burden in older women. 

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