Watch and share the AMA Family Doctor Week 2015 videos

30 Jul 2015

Last week the AMA celebrated the incredible difference that GPs make to the lives of everyday Australians with Family Doctor Week. This year’s theme, You and Your Family Doctor: the best partnership in health, promoted the important and unique role that family doctors play in the provision of patient centred care.

AMA President, Professor Brian Owler, acknowledged the outstanding contributions of grassroots GPs who always stand up for their patients.

“People value their GPs - their family doctors. It's time that the Government did as well,” Professor Owler said.

As part of FDW three YouTube videos were produced. General Practice: More a Passion than a Job, and Prevention and Care Throughout Life, highlight the important role and contribution of family doctors to the health of the nation. Plan for Pharmacists in General Practice, discusses how the integration of non-dispensing pharmacists into a GP led team can support GP prescribing and improve patient outcomes. GPs are encouraged to spread the word on these issues by watching, liking and sharing the videos.

The Family Doctor Week campaign also issued a range of media releases, shining a bright light on contemporary and public health topics such as the Medicare rebate indexation freeze, vaccination, end of life planning, mental health, family violence, training the next generation of GPs, and the AMA's plan for pharmacists in general practice.

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AMA Family Doctor Week was proudly sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, the National Health and Medical Research Council, Cutcher & Neale, and AMEX.