Veterans Mates: Oral corticosteroids - minimising adverse effects

11 Jun 2015

The latest Veterans' MATES project, which focusses on minimising the adverse effects of long-term oral corticosteroid use in veteran patients, is now available.

The therapeutic brief and veteran brochure, along with other topic-related materials, were mailed in late May to approximately 4,300 GPs who treat relevant veterans. The therapeutic brief discusses monitoring a range of adverse effects and tapering the dose or withdrawing therapy.

The veteran brochure, Getting the best from your oral corticosteroid medicines, will be mailed to relevant veteran patients in June. It provides information on how patients can take an active role in managing their health condition while taking oral corticosteroids. It advises patients to talk to their doctor about their treatment and to only reduce their corticosteroid medicine under their doctors close supervision.

The brief and brochure can be downloaded from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Veterans' MATES website.