Veterans Mates: Medicines and hot weather

18 Dec 2014

The Department of Veterans' Affairs and the Veterans' MATES project team have recently released the fortieth module for the Veterans' MATES project. The therapeutic brief, Medicines and hot weather: reducing the risk of dehydration and heat-related illness, highlights medicines which may increase the risk of heat-related illness in elderly veterans, and suggests strategies to reduce the risk. 

Commonly used medicines associated with increasing the risk of heat-related illness is an insert to the therapeutic brief which lists medicines which may increase the risk of heat-related illness and their possible effects. The brief was mailed in late November to approximately 13,320 GPs who treat relevant veterans.

The veteran brochure, Staying well in the hot weather, provides information about medicines which may affect how the body reacts to heat, and practical tips to prevent dehydration and heat-related illness. It encourages veterans to talk to their doctor about their medicines, and to make a plan to stay well during the hot weather. It will be mailed to veteran patients aged 65 years or older who have been dispensed multiple medicines that may increase the risk of health-related illness in the three month period from June to August 2014.

The brief and brochure can be downloaded from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Veterans' MATES website.