Veterans’ MATES provides support to GPs and their veteran patients

15 Feb 2018

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has developed the Veterans’ Medicines Advice and Therapeutic Education Services (Veterans’ MATES) which aims to improve the use of medicines and other related health services for the veteran community.

Patients are able to provide feedback to medical practitioners regarding medications, which is then tailored to an individual doctor’s practice. The project enables GPs to login and obtain practice specific information to assist their veteran patients.

Education material from Veterans’ MATES is sent out to GPs and other medical practitioners. There is also a team of clinical experts preparing up-to-date health and medicine information targeted at veterans and health professionals.

For more information about the program or one of the Veterans’ MATES topics:

  • Health professionals can contact the Veterans’ MATES Health Professional Helpline on 1800 500 869
  • Veterans and carers can contact the Veterans' MATES Helpline on 1300 556 906 for the cost of a local call
  • Or check out the Veterans’ MATES website.