Preventing falls in older patients - new resources

3 May 2018

Veterans’ MATES has released information for GPs to assist with reducing the risk of falls in older patients. The cause of falls in older people tends to be a result of a multiple factors, with the likelihood of falling increasing with the number of risk factors present. Factors for GPs to keep in mind regarding older patients include:

  • Taking a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRI or an opioid more than doubles the risk of hip fracture
  • Taking an SSRI in combination with some medicines increases the risk of hip fracture four or five-fold

GPs are advised to review older patients’ medicines and, if possible, reduce the dose or the overall number of medicines that can contribute to a fall, as well as consider other factors such as previous falls, unsafe home environments and poor balance and leg strength.

For more information on this topic, head on over to the Veterans’ MATES website.