Updated guide for Closing the Gap – PBS Co-Payment Measure

1 Jun 2017

The Department of Human Services has revised its education guide for ‘Closing the Gap – PBS Co-Payment Measure’ to include more helpful information about the scheme.

The CTG PBS Co-payment Measure improves access to PBS medicines for eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living with, or at risk of, chronic disease. Closing the Gap prescriptions attract a lower or nil patient co-payment for PBS medicines.

The updated guide Closing the Gap (CTG) – PBS Co-payment Measure – supporting Indigenous health has more information to help prescribers meet the scheme’s requirements.

The guide covers important information such as:

  • the measure and how it works
  • how to register patients
  • how to write CTG prescriptions
  • prescribing and dispensing requirements for CTG annotation code prescriptions
  • patient payments and PBS Safety Net recording
  • CTG PBS Co-payment Measure patient contributions
  • claiming
  • prescription serial numbers

There’s also a case study showing the benefits of the scheme for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with, or at risk of, a chronic disease.

Your general practice or Indigenous Health Service needs to be registered under the PIP Indigenous Health Incentive before your GPs can write CTG prescriptions for their patients.