Updated AMA position statements on combat sports and climate change

10 Sep 2015

Last week the AMA released its new Position Statement on Combat Sport (2015), which supersedes and builds on the AMA Position Statement on Boxing (1997. Reaffirmed 2007) and its updated Position Statement on Climate Change and Human Health (Revised 2015), which was last revised in 2008.

Ban Combat Sports for under 18s

AMA President, Professor Brian Owler, said that the AMA is a long-time opponent of boxing, and has now extended its concerns about the health of participants to include all so-called combat sports. The AMA is recommending the prohibition of all forms of combat sport for people under the age of 18 and wants boxing banned from the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games.

“As medical practitioners, the AMA is concerned by any sports that involve displays of interpersonal violence, and where the goal is to injure the opponent to the point that they are unable to continue,” Professor Owler said.

Media release

AMA Position Statement on Combat Sport (2015) 

Australian government must show leadership on addressing climate change

The AMA, in its revised position statement on climate change, recognises the latest findings regarding the science of climate change, the role of humans, past observations and future projections. The consequences of climate change have serious direct and indirect, observed and projected health impacts both globally and in Australia.

“The evidence is clear - we cannot sit back and do nothing,” said AMA President Professor Brian Owler.

“There are already significant health and social effects of climate change and extreme weather events, and these effects will worsen over time if we do not take action now. 

Professor Owler said the AMA believes that the Australian government must show leadership on addressing climate change.

The AMA is urging the Government to go to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December in Paris with emission reduction targets that represent Australia’s fair share of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Media release

AMA Position Statement on Climate Change and Human Health (Revised 2015)