Updated AMA Position Statement on Fostering Generalism in the Medical Workforce

28 Mar 2019

The AMA has updated the position statement on Fostering Generalism in the Medical Workforce. The updated position statement reflects the need to rebuild Australia’s generalist medical workforce by improving training pathways and providing greater recognition and support.

AMA President Dr Tony Bartone said that generalist medical professionals are vital to the health system, serving as clinicians, teachers, and researchers in all settings, from tertiary public hospitals to remote practices.

“Generalists are increasingly relied on to provide a significant amount of surgical, anaesthetic, and obstetric care in rural and remote communities due to poor access to sub-specialist services in those areas,” Dr Bartone said.

“They are also needed in all hospitals to serve the growing number of ageing Australians with multiple chronic and complex health conditions.

“We need to support and promote generalists.”

Fewer medical graduates are choosing a generalist career path, as indicated by the trend towards sub-specialisation. This position statement will guide AMA policy on work such as the National Medical Workforce Strategy, and the National Rural Generalist Pathway.

Read the media release here.

Read the position statement here.