Tools to reduce February asthma spikes in schools

25 Jan 2018

The return to school is associated with an annual increase in children’s asthma flare-ups, according to the National Asthma Council Australia. The Council also indicates that cases in Australia triple in children aged five to 14 years. GPs are well positioned to help reduce the February spike in asthma attacks experienced by young patients.

GPs are urged to check their young patients’ asthma, and complete up-to-date written asthma action plans. They can assist parents by ensuring that they understand the importance of giving children preventer medications and remind them to share their child’s plan with school teachers, carers and sports coaches.

GPs can access action plan templates and demonstration videos on inhaler techniques for people with asthma at A back to school checklist is also available for parents and carers here. GPs may also be interested in the Asthma Handbook.