Supporting you to reduce the administrative burden of accreditation

18 Jul 2019

AGPAL and QIP have provided the following article to outline the services they offer to assist general practices with accreditation.

We know the challenges of running a healthcare facility, so here at AGPAL and QIP we make planning for your accreditation that much easier.

Having assessed thousands of healthcare facilities across the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, AGPAL and QIP have gained unique insights Australia-wide, allowing us to tailor our service and resource offerings to better meet clients’ needs. This insight, paired with client feedback, has led us to develop and improve our technology systems to help reduce the administrative burden of accreditation for our clients.  These improvements also support clients to develop a team-based approach to quality.

Included as part of our service delivery, AGPAL and QIP clients receive access to:

  • A dedicated Client Liaison Officer - available to answer all your accreditation and standards related queries as often or as little as you need. 
  • A user-friendly self-assessment software system - AccreditationPro streamlines accreditation preparation and steps you through a relevant set of standards to help you determine your healthcare facility’s compliance in preparation for your on-site accreditation assessment.
  • An online accreditation hub - tailored to each healthcare facility’s individual accreditation timelines and framework requirements. Key features to support accreditation preparation and quality improvements include:
    • Accreditation progress overview - provides healthcare facilities with key deadlines and milestones and includes graphs showing their self-assessment progress.
    • Document management system - enables healthcare facilities to upload multiple pieces of evidence at one time and keep track of document versioning and review dates.
    • Resource library - the improved resource library, known as QbAY, provides templates, fact sheets and e-Learning offerings.
    • Personalised action plan - enables you to create an action plan, allocate responsibilities to team members and monitor progress of key tasks.
    • Multi-user functionality - you can now login with individual user accounts instead of having to share a single organisation account to support team work during the accreditation process.
    • Multi-organisation functionality - enables users linked to multiple organisations/sites to access all accreditation information for all sites with a single log-in.
    • Built-in messaging system - enables clients to electronically ask their Client Liaison Officer questions about the standards/evidence when working within.
    • Interactive homepage - provides AGPAL and QIP, accreditation and industry related news and updates, and a snap shot of your accreditation cycle.

To learn more about AGPAL and QIP and how we can support you on your accreditation journey, contact our team today:

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