Recovering Small Debts

19 Oct 2017

Many practices face the problem that they are left chasing small gap amounts from patients. 

With the move away from bulk billing, this issue is going to become more common and thus tactics need to be in place to deal with it, because they add up. 

By incorporating a default clause in your practice trading terms, you can pass the cost of debt collection on to your defaulting patients. Thus, if the debt collection agency collects the full debt, you will have obtained nil cost debt collection. 

Let us show you how you can effectively do this. We will provide you with a recommended clause and show you how you can incorporate this in a way which becomes binding on the patient. 

With this clause in place and by referring all overdue accounts to Prushka, which operates on the NO RECOVERY – NO CHARGE basis, it will indeed be cost effective to chase those small accounts. Call Prushka’s Client Services Team on 100 641 617 or email them at for advice. As an AMA member, there is no charge to you for this service. 

Prushka happily collects from as low as $50.00. 

This article was sponsored by Prushka.