Report available from the DVA Health Providers Partnership Forum

14 Feb 2019

AMA members are advised that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has published the executive summary from the DVA Health Providers Partnership Forum (HPPF) held in August 2018.

The HPPF supports collaboration between DVA and Australia’s peak health bodies, including the AMA, to consider how veteran health services may be improved, including through effective policy and service delivery. The Chair of the AMA Council of General Practice, Dr Richard Kidd, is the AMA’s representative at the HPPF. Members experiencing any problems associated with caring for veterans should inform the AMA so that we can ensure your interests are represented. You can email us at

The HPPF meeting covered a range of veteran healthcare topics, including:

The meeting also featured a consultative workshop on the new allied health treatment cycle to be introduced on 1 July 2019.

A full list of what was discussed is available here.

The August 2018 meeting summary is available on the DVA website, along with summaries of past HPPF meetings.