Providing Services to Veterans’

20 Apr 2017

To make it easier to provide services under DVA arrangements, a number of professions, including General Practitioners, are automatically registered with DVA when their Medicare Provider numbers are issued. As GPs and other practitioners providing services under DVA arrangements to veterans’ are not permitted to charge a gap, DVA sets its fees above those outlined in the MBS.

For practitioners new to treating veterans’ the DVA Provider News has published an online story which provides important information for providers and links to other articles of interest.

The DVA has also announced recent additions and changes to the Rehabilitation Appliance Programme (RAP) Schedule. New aids are now available to assist amputees participate in sporting and recreational activities. The revised RAP also provides clarity about which diabetes products are now provided under the National Diabetes Support Scheme and those that continue to be supplied under the RAP.

Providing services under DVA's arrangements may be easier than you think

Recent Changes to the RAP Schedule

More news for DVA providers