Primary health care grant opportunity

16 Jan 2020

AMA members may be interested in a grant opportunity for research into a range of priority health and health system issues, including primary care.

The Government has allocated $5 million to the newly established Medical Research Future Fund – Primary Health Care Research Initiative.

The objective of this grant opportunity is to increase Australia’s evidence base in primary health care research for the following priority primary health care research topics:

  • the provision of primary health care services in residential aged care and to older Australians in the community
  • lessons from comprehensive primary health care service for Indigenous Australians for the broader primary health care system
  • mental health service provision by general practice
  • application of precision medicine and genomics in primary health care
  • rural and regional access to services
  • workforce issues, including scope of practice
  • voluntary patient enrolment and blended payments

Information on this grant opportunity including the grant guidelines can be accessed on GrantConnect. Applications will close on the 5 February 2020.

Questions about this grant opportunity should be directed to This grant opportunity is being administered by NHMRC on behalf of the Department of Health.

The Medical Research Future Fund – Primary Health Care Research Initiative aims to enable or support an increase in Australia’s evidence base in primary health care through research to improve service delivery and patient outcomes, and translate this knowledge into action. 

The Government will invest $45 million over 9 years in research relevant to primary care to fund projects that align with the priorities of the Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan that is currently under development.