NPS MedicineWise Update

27 Jul 2017

NPS MedicineWise, of which the AMA is a member, has recently announced a new Statins: optimising therapy, addressing intolerance educational program, which launched in June this year. Readings and resources for GPs have been made available on the NPS MedicineWise website.

Statins are a foundation of lipid management due to their well-established efficacy at preventing vascular events. Despite this proven efficacy and safety, use of statins in clinical practice, and adherence to these medicines by patients, is not optimal.

NPS MedicineWise program is designed to reinforce the role of absolute cardiovascular risk assessment, the optimal use of statin therapy and provides tools and resources to address suspected statin-associated muscle symptoms.

The following products have been released:

  • An accredited educational visiting program: Statins: optimising therapy, addressing intolerance
  • Online and interactive case study tailored by audience to GPs, pharmacists and nurses: Interactive case study: Optimising statin therapy
  • Reading for GPs, nurses and pharmacists: MedicineWise News: Uncovering the truth about statin intolerance
  • Resources for GPs, nurses and pharmacists: SAMS Assessment Guide & Management Algorithm
  • Resource for GPs: Patient Action Plan: Assessing and managing muscle symptoms in people taking statins
  • Resource for consumers: Statin medicines FAQ factsheet

For more information please contact: Catherine Pitre on (02) 8217 9238 or