NPS MedicineWise: Blood Pressure: Measure, Manage and Monitor

14 May 2015

Use the AMA CPD Tracker to track the points you will earn when you participate in NPS MedicineWise’s newest online knowledge hub on the topic of high blood pressure, the most frequently managed problem in Australian general practice.

Evidence suggests that blood pressure measured in clinic is misleading in almost one-third of patients. The online learning module will help youimprove accuracy in identifying elevated blood pressure and better interpret the results of both in-clinic and out-of-clinic assessments within the context of absolute cardiovascular risk. The module also aims to increase confidence in treatment decisions for patients with varying degrees of cardiovascular risk.

You can also participate in a case study, undertake a clinical e-Audit or book an educational visit. These activities also attract CPD points.

In your consultations you can also use the new NPS MedicineWise information prescription builder, and download fact sheets for your patients.