New website resource for chronic pain management

10 Apr 2014

GPs treating patients with chronic pain might like to make use of a new website which aims to empower patients and GPs with the latest scientific knowledge to understand and manage this condition. An initiative of the NSW Government’s Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), this comprehensive website offers new knowledge and skills that can change outcomes in chronic pain.
The ACI Pain Management Network’s website offers: 

  • A health professional toolkit comprising assessment and management tools and resources, including information to assist GPs in completing GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements as well as links to MBS information and guidelines for prescribing pain medication;
  • A range of factsheets that can be printed and given to patients;
  • Interactive learning and self-management modules for adolescents with chronic pain; 
  • Online resources that promote self-management to help people to retrain their brain’s response to chronic pain;
  • Inspirational videos of people sharing their experience of how adopting an evidence based approach to pain made a real difference to their daily lives;
  • Practical tools and resources to help people with chronic pain to improve daily sleep and mood, guidance on the role of pain medication and the importance of healthy lifestyles.

This information resource is available via the AMA GP Desktop Practice Support Toolkit.

Learn more about the ACI Pain Management Network.