New website for medicine shortages

5 Jun 2014

GPs will be pleased to note there is now a timely, consistent, and coordinated method for communicating medicine shortages in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration, in collaboration with Medicines Australia and the Generic Medicines Industry Association, recently launched the Medicine Shortages Information Initiative to provide essential, up-to-date information on current, anticipated and resolved medicine shortages, as well as discontinued medicines.

The initiative, developed through a partnership between Medicines Australia, the Generic Medicines Industry Association and the Therapeutic Goods Administration, consists of three main components: 

  • a protocol for communication and management of shortages agreed between the Australian prescription medicines industry and the TGA; 
  • the Medicines Shortages Information website, which lists the status and duration of medicines shortages and, where possible, provides links to information on substitute medicines or therapeutic alternatives; and 
  • a subscription alert service. Users who subscribe to the alert will receive either email or RSS notification of new and updated information.

Information about the Medicine Shortages Information Initiative is available on the Therapeutic Goods Administration website.