New Severe Asthma Toolkit

12 Jul 2018

Developed through the Centre of Excellence in Severe Asthma, the Severe Asthma Toolkit is a new resource for GPs. It covers a range of topics, including diagnosis and assessment, management, medications, and co-morbidities.

This is an independent and contemporary online education and training resource that provides multidisciplinary clinicians with the latest information and resources to aids in optimising care for people with severe asthma.

The toolkit was developed by a team of multidisciplinary clinicians from around Australia and internationally. It was designed to target a broad audience that includes the settings of primary and tertiary care, as well as the many disciplines involved in severe asthma management. It is also hoped that the toolkit will allow clinicians in geographically diverse regions access to evidenced based education and training.

The Toolkit’s modules put information at the fingertips of clinicians, while also serving as a long-term education resource. The Severe Asthma Toolkit is available at