New-look DVA Cards now in circulation

28 Nov 2019

GPs are advised that Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold, White and Orange Health Care Cards are being modified. The new-look Veteran cards are part of a broader Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant that acknowledges the unique nature of military service and the contribution of veterans and their families.

The new Veterans’ Cards will retain the current Gold, White and Orange colouring, and will continue to provide access to the same benefits card holders are eligible for using their existing DVA cards.

There are also no changes to the DVA client health entitlements or arrangements for health providers who treat DVA clients.

The DVA has also recently published a summary of services covered by the DVA Gold Card, and limitations imposed under the MBS that health providers need to be aware of when treating DVA clients.

Services covered with a valid referral and/or prescription include primary health care (plus dental and allied health); hospital care (public and private); rehabilitation aids and appliances; home and respite care; community nursing; and a range of other support services. DVA Gold Card holders are also entitled to the Repatriation Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme, and transport to travel for treatments.

Some limitations are that the DVA will not pay for treatment of a disease or injury where the patient has already received compensation or damages for the same injury. Health providers are also reminded that they cannot charge co-payments for services provided to DVA card holders.

More information on the new-look cards and the DVA Covenant is available here.

More information about the DVA Gold Card services and limitations is available here