New learning modules on doctorportal Learning: worker’s compensation

25 Jan 2017

Has your patient experienced a work-related injury but you’re not familiar with Queensland’s new Work Capacity Certificate?  doctorportal Learning presents new learning content that attracts CPD/CME points and helps Queensland doctors to understand their role in returning a patient to work after a patient’s work-related injury.

The Office of Industrial Relations has designed specific education modules to help support you in your role within the workers’ compensation scheme. Each education module steps you through a real life case study and provides you with a practical application of the Work Capacity Certificate.

Why is this education important?

  • Certificates are required for any patient wishing to lodge a worker’s compensation claim.
  • Realising the Health Benefits of Good Work is paramount to achieve successful return to work outcomes.
  • Initiating early conversations about return to work improves positive outcomes for your patients

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