New digital DVA White and Gold cards

8 Nov 2018

GPs should expect to see increasing use of new digital White or Gold cards by veteran patients. The new digital versions of the cards remove the need for the doctor or clinic staff to contact DVA and verify the patient’s accepted conditions by displaying their details on the client’s mobile phone or other device.

Veterans and their dependents can access digital versions of their DVA White or Gold Card through the online portal MyService. It can also be used to lodge compensation claims online.

The digital White Card provides name, file number and expiry date, as well as the accepted conditions for which the veteran has DVA approval to receive treatment.

Gold Cards continue to cover all conditions. The new digital Gold Card displays all the same relevant client details as the existing plastic cards.

The DVA has produced a flyer about the online portal MyService which you are welcome to use to promote the benefits of MyService to veteran patients and to guide them in registering.

MyService Flyer

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