National clinical guidelines launched for COVID-19

9 Apr 2020

A new National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce website has been launched to provide a growing set of evidence-based recommendations to guide care for people with COVID-19 in Australia.

The Taskforce—which is comprised of peak health professional bodies across Australia—identifies, evaluates and synthesises new evidence each week to create “living guidelines” for the treatment of COVID-19 illness that are constantly updated based on emerging evidence.

The Taskforce website also includes a section on evidence currently under review each week, and encourages health professionals to submit questions about the clinical care of people with COVID-19 to help prioritise topics for the Evidence Review Team to work on.

The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce website can be accessed here.

Decision flowcharts for the management of patients with moderate to severe COVID-19, and severe to critical COVID-19 are now available here (the mild COVID-19 management flowchart is under development). Note these decision flowcharts may change each week, so revisit them regularly to remain up to date.