National Cervical Screening Program

10 Jan 2019

AMA members are advised that they may experience an increase in patient enquiries and requests for cervical screening tests in the coming months. This is in response to the National Cancer Screening Register sending reminders to women who are overdue for their next routine cervical screening test. The National Cervical Screening Register began sending letters in late-November and will intensify throughout January and February.

It is recommended that asymptomatic women aged 25-74 years undergoing routine screening have their first HPV-based screening test two years after their last Pap test, the risk from delaying their test for a few months is extremely low.

If you are unsure of your patient’s cervical screening history or status, or have any questions relating to participant and healthcare provider correspondence, you can contact the National Cancer Screening Register Contact Centre team on 1800 627 701 or visit the National Cancer Screening Register website.