National Advance Care Planning Week

1 Mar 2018

Advance Care Planning Australia is the new name for Decision Assist, a federally funded initiative. It provides resources for Advance Care Planning including ones tailored to the various legislative frameworks existing in the states.

Between 16 and 22 April this year is National Advance Care Planning Week, providing an opportunity for people to communicate with their loved ones about important health care decisions. GPs are in a prime position to kick-start conversations with their patients about the importance of expressly stating their health care preferences, for both loved ones and other health care professionals.

Health care organisations are invited to host an event to help raise awareness such as a morning tea or a formal seminar. Advance Care Planning has event tips available, relevant forms for different states and territories and downloadable event promotional resources. They will also send out ‘goodie’ bags’ to groups who register their event.

Find out more at the National Advance Care Planning Week website or visit Advance Care Planning Australia.

For more information contact:

Rebecca Camilleri

Celeste Seneca

Phone: 03 9496 5660