NASH organisation certificates now available directly through HPOS

11 Oct 2018

The AMA advises that recent changes have been made to how organisations interact with My Health Record.

A National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) certificate is required by organisations that wish to interact with the My Health Record system using conformant software. In August, a change allowed healthcare professional organisations to request a NASH organisation certificate via Health Professional Online Services (HPOS), however the certificate was still posted to the organisation on a CD. The new functionality allows the NASH certificate to be downloaded securely via HPOS by Organisation Maintenance Officers. The certificate will be available for download for a period of 30 days from when it is issued.

The links below provide information for your organisation on how to apply, link, register and revoke NASH PKI certificates through HPOS.

Please note that organisations whose existing NASH Public Key Infrastructure certificates expire after the 7th of November 2018 will no longer automatically receive a CD in the mail but instead will be sent a letter approximately 60 days before the certificate expires notifying you of the expiry date and directing you to download a new certificate through HPOS.

If you require support for your organisation around the My Health Record or NASH certificate, please feel free to contact us at