More consultation needed on Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Basic policies

16 Aug 2018

AMA President, Dr Tony Bartone, and AMA Victoria President, Associate Professor Julian Rait, appeared before a Senate Committee last week to call for more consultation on proposed private health insurance reforms.

Dr Bartone told the inquiry into the proposed Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Basic system that the AMA supports the broad direction of the reform, but that more work was needed to ensure that the private health insurance rules will work in tandem with the ongoing Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review.

Dr Bartone also expressed disappointment that pregnancy cover has been limited to Gold policies.

“It does not make sense to us, as clinicians, to have pregnancy cover in a higher level of insurance only,” Dr Bartone said.

 “Pregnancy is a major reason that the younger population considers taking up private health insurance. They are less likely to be able to afford the higher-level policies. We need to make sure it is within reach.”

The Senate Committee is due to report this week.