MJA News

6 Feb 2014

The latest edition of the Medical Journal of Australia was released this week. It contains a number of articles of interest to GPs, including evidence that herd immunity provided by pneumococcal vaccination of infants is boosting protection for older Australians against invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD). This provides yet another example of how pivotal immunisation is for the whole community.

Dr Hambleton talked to 6PR Perth about superbugs. He outlines the measures taken by Australian hospitals and the precautions individuals can take to reduce the risk of superbugs.

Other articles in MJA this week include: the global health threat of MDR gram-negative bacteria; the need for appropriate guidance in long-term nutritional monitoring and support for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery; alcohol and cancer; off-label prescribing; the impact of the Rural Clinical School of Western Australia on work location of medical graduates; and a look at Headspace, Australia’s innovation in youth mental health.

Medical Journal of Australia